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Client Testimonials

Browse just some of the feedback Tracey Garcia has received during her career as a Interior Designer around the area.

“The idea of redecorating our home was intimidating.  Tracey made the process not only painless but enjoyable.  Through her expertise, she guided us in discovering our likes and dislikes and helped build our confidence to make all the necessary decisions.  From room design and layout, to paint, flooring, furnishings and accessories, Tracey played an active role throughout the entire process.  The end result?  Our home reflects who we are and what we love.  We couldn’t be happier!”

Brad and Jenny Wilson
Farmington Hills, MI

“When I bought my house in 2001, I couldn’t wait to “make it mine.”  Unfortunately, I had general ideas about the look and feel that I wanted but was dumbfounded on how to get there (plus, I absolutely hate to shop!).  Tracey was the catalyst I needed.  She makes it so easy.  She really listens to you and is very thoughtful in her suggestions.  And, she is very budget conscious; always trying to stretch each dollar without skimping on quality or finish.  So far, she has helped me redecorate the entire first floor of my home as well as my youngest son’s bedroom.  I can’t tell you how many compliments I get from family and friends about my home’s new look.  The rooms just draw you in and envelope you in warmth and comfort.  I can’t wait for her to start my bedroom.  Thank you, Tracey!”

Pam Hoelscher
Farmington Hills, MI

“Tracey has an incredible ability to pull out her client’s most creative side.  She is fun to work with and is popping with ideas that will make your home or office unique to you.  Her knack for staying within budget in unsurpassed.  I totally trusted her decorating instincts and the end result was fabulous!”

Barb Flis
South Lyon, MI

“When I first met with Tracey for a design consultation I had a clear idea of the look I wanted for my kitchen update but I was not confident that I could find what I needed to make that look become a reality. Tracey listened carefully to my ideas and enhanced them with her creativity and experience.  After we had a plan for the kitchen in place Tracey presented me with a small subset of options to choose from for everything I needed from color scheme, counter tops, back splash, lighting, curtains and more! By narrowing my options and being mindful of our plan and budget she made these decisions both fun and easy for me and in the end I have a beautifully pulled together functional space that reflects my personality and makes me happy every time I walk in!”

Leigh Harless
Farmington Hills

“Tracey and I have worked on three projects in my home. First was my basement.  The area began with cement floors, open ceiling with exposed pipes and wires and cinder block walls.  This was not a space that anyone enjoyed.  I wanted this to be a comfortable space for my 4 children to entertain friends.  I knew what I wanted, just not how to get there.  Tracey would present me with a few options so as not to overwhelm.  If I needed additional options, she would provide those as well.When we were designing the space we knew it had to be functional and sustainable for children and teen activities.  Tracey always had a close eye on design as well as price.  She would often say, “Do not overspend in this area, let’s save it for something that matters more.”  With that advice, I was able to include design elements such as built- in bookshelves, drywall ceilings, and enough casual furniture for a large gathering.  My basement is now a lovely, lively place for my children and their friends to enjoy.
Tracey knew where to get everything I needed.  Her sources are limitless!I would present her with design ideas ripped out of magazines and she would know WHO to contact to bring them to life, WHERE to purchase the materials that looked best, and WHAT would accompany that element to connect it to the room. Case in point, my living room wall.  I have a long wall in the living room that I never knew what to do with. She found the contractor who could replicate the design, found the appropriate materials, and paint colors to compliment the wall, and incorporated the design element into the total room design.  Now my living room is my sanctuary! The colors are soothing, the furniture is cozy, and the wall design offers a beautiful texture.
Knowing what Tracey could accomplish we started on our most daunting project, a complete kitchen/family room remodel.  This involved taking down walls, moving existing plumbing, and feeding a family of six out of a made up kitchen. Tracey was there for every visit to Home Depot where I purchased my counter tops and cabinets.  She saved me so much money by finding cabinet hardware online. I had no idea that there was such a difference in price!  We visited several tile stores in the area to choose back splash tile and tile for the fireplace. She was knowledgeable of the current inventory and made the trip worthwhile.  One especially unique trip was to look at reclaimed barn wood for support posts in the kitchen (a design element we were not anticipating!)   Tracey researched places that supplied reclaimed wood and took us (the contractor too) on a field trip outside Lansing.  There we found an enormous supply of every color and type of wood.  I chose a weathered grey barn wood that adds a distinctly unique touch to the room.”

Martha Leever

“We moved here from out of state into a beautiful new house that was significantly larger than our previous house.   With the exception of a few things like patio furniture and a kitchen table, I was at a complete loss as to how to turn this house into our home.   Every wall was empty as were some of the rooms and it was all very overwhelming to me.   Finding Tracey was a major relief.  She helped focus me and over time was able to pull out of me what I liked and didn’t like.   Initially I did a very poor job of communicating what I was looking for but she kept at it.  We would talk and shop for hours with me just showing her things I liked and more importantly didn’t like.   After the first room I was much more comfortable trusting her suggestions and the process sped up.   There were still times though when I would go on overload and she would step back giving me time to ponder or regroup.   Occasionally, she would randomly just send me ideas and that would jump start the process.   I never could have navigated the furniture stores or even Home Goods without her help.  She was awesome at mixing in bargain finds to offset some of the more expensive items so that the final price tag didn’t break the bank.  Tracey has her own style but works hard to make sure the room reflects the client’s style.  She made me feel like the end result was mine, even though she really did all the work.  I couldn’t be happier with all the work we’ve done together.   I love my house and most importantly, it definitely feels like our home.”


Ellen and Larry McElroy, Northville,  MI

I first contacted Tracey Garcia and requested her assistance to prepare my residence in White Lake for the market.  I asked her for ideas on staging and fresh, updated paint colors without changing out the nearly new carpeting and wood flooring.  The results were amazing and with her suggestions, our 25 year old home looked nearly new the day we put it on the market! 


Additionally we were just beginning to build our new home in Washington Township and I needed her guidance on EVERYTHING from choosing  exterior brick/stone/roofing to interior cabinets, paint colors, granite counters and tile.  She has been with me every step of the way, making suggestions, helping me to stay within budget while making some extraordinary selections, helping with lighting selections and down to the details of picking hardware for the doors and cabinets!  We moved into our new home in October and we are so happy with everything and absolutely could not have put it all together without some highly talented assistance!


I would not hesitate to recommend Tracey for any size, scope or budget for a project!  She is truly great at her craft and I’m sure saved us from many mistakes had we tried to do it alone!


Sally Knoll, Washington Twp.

Tracey was so very helpful to me during our master bedroom renovation earlier this year. We turned 2 bedrooms into 1 nice master bedroom with an updated master bath and a new walk-in closet.   The project felt overwhelming to me, but Tracey helped me through with her creative and supportive guidance.   


She offered valuable (gorgeous!) suggestions for our new master bath including pretty tile and soft paint color.   She helped with a very lovely, sparkly touch for our bathroom mirror area, flanking it with pretty shiny subway tile and using 3 sconces for lighting - including one coming directly out of the mirror.  I love it.


Tracey assisted with the bathroom floor tile and countertop selections, meeting me at the tile and granite showrooms helping me find good color stories - and making sure everything was documented correctly on the choice selection sheets.  She even went up to the tile shop for me when we were out of town, confirming grout colors and widths; this happening at a critical time in the project.


Tracey has a beautiful eye for color.   She helped me pick our some really soft and soothing colors for our bedroom walls, hallway and extra bathroom, too…...a soft fawny beige, a soothing white and an opaly pink for our closet and bathroom ceiling.   My favorite color touch by far is our gorgeous master bedroom’s navy blue ceiling. It adds such a dramatic and cozy touch that i would never have thought about without her help. It looks so pretty with the barnwood accent wall (stikwood) and soft canvas tan walls that we chose. 


(She even encouraged me to paint the cabinets in our boys’ old, worn-out bathroom, which i did, and i LOVE.  I used the same navy blue as our bedroom ceiling. She gave great painting instructions - I’ve never done a project like this before. It has given that bathroom new life.)  


I am so thankful for her help and kind, gentle nature.   I never felt pressured or pushed into anything with her. She asked great questions, always keeping our point of view and personal tastes driving the decisions.  I will definitely be keeping in touch with her for future home projects. She was a godsend. Thank you, Tracey!

Sara Majoros,  Farmington, MI

 My wife and I are both seniors and we wanted to remodel our 17 year old master bath. It had a soaker tub with a large window over it and a small shower next to it. The only redeeming quality was a lovely oak vanity. Being a junior cabinet maker I really liked the vanity. My wife and I decided to hire a professional rather than fly by the seat of our pants designing it ourselves. We usually were semi-happy but never totally happy with the results.

One of our daughters told as about Tracey and we decided to go with a professional which she is. She suggested we remove the tub, close up the big window, install a small window and install a 5 foot walk-in shower. We made the existing shower a closet. We installed ceramic tile plank floor and a quartz double bowl vanity top .She then suggested we paint the vanity. Again she was spot on. It turned out beautiful. If you want someone who listens to you and involves you in the whole process you will find that Tracey fills the bill.

Fran &Ed king

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